Re: Is it possible/acceptable to use EU VHF Contest mode for other contests?

Sam Birnbaum

Hi Bill and Ed,

During my testing for the visually impaired, I never focused on the spin edit box which indeed starts up with a value of one (1). However, the 4 digit sequence number following the signal report was always based on the number of records in the contest log which I did not clear between contests as I tested them. In any event in my haste in answering Ed, I was remis in mentioning the leading 2 digit signal report that is derived from the SNR value.

Here is the translation that I use in QLog to translate the SNR to RST, of course it only used the leading 2 digits

  -999..-19 ->   Result := 529;
    -18..-13 ->   Result := 539;
    -12..-07 ->   Result := 549;
    -06..-01 ->   Result := 559;
          0..5  ->   Result := 569;
        6..11  ->   Result := 579;
       12..17 ->   Result := 589;
           >17 ->   Result := 599;
That seems to work as it corresponds to what WSJT-X sends out.



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Hi Sam and Ed,

that is not quite correct. The Tx contest serial number starts at one and is reset to one when the Contest Log is cleared ("Menu->File->Reset Cabrillo Log"). It is incremented by one after each successful QSO is logged. The user may change the serial number at any time using the spin box control labelled "Tx#". The current value of the Tx serial number is persisted between sessions.


On 09/09/2020 16:29, Sam Birnbaum via wrote:

The serial number is incremented automatically. It start with the number of records that are already in the contest log. It you clear the contest log at the beginning of the contest iit will start with One (1). It then increments it as it logs the QSOs 



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Subject: [WSJTX] Is it possible/acceptable to use EU VHF Contest mode for other contests?

I see that the EU VHF Contest mode in WSJTx has two very interesting differences to normal operation,
1. the ability to send and receive a serial number and
2. the conversion from dB values into RST.

I'm not interested in the second, but am in the first.

Does WSJTx maintain a contact sequence number for every contact and increment it automatically?

I can't seem to find where this happens - perhaps it's automatic and I don't have to worry about it?

Also, I would be interested to know where in WSJTx the control of what is taken from the Adif log to create the Cabrillo one is defined as I see in the Adi file fields that are not transferred to the Cabrillo file which I require.

73  Ed DD5LP.

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