Re: Is it possible/acceptable to use EU VHF Contest mode for other contests?

Bill Somerville

On 09/09/2020 16:26, Ed Durrant wrote:
I see that the EU VHF Contest mode in WSJTx has two very interesting differences to normal operation,
1. the ability to send and receive a serial number and
2. the conversion from dB values into RST.

I'm not interested in the second, but am in the first.

Does WSJTx maintain a contact sequence number for every contact and increment it automatically?

I can't seem to find where this happens - perhaps it's automatic and I don't have to worry about it?

Also, I would be interested to know where in WSJTx the control of what is taken from the Adif log to create the Cabrillo one is defined as I see in the Adi file fields that are not transferred to the Cabrillo file which I require.

73  Ed DD5LP.
Hi Ed,

there's no problem with using it for any contest that has compatible rules. You missed 2 important features, it uses 6 character Maidenhead Locators, and it allows the use of /P suffixes. Those are really the reason for the mode. The signal reports are coarse in resolution and derived from SNR estimates rather than any attempt to meet any reporting convention. Only the S part is variable. At least they have some basis of signal strength rather than being 59/599 regardless of actual received signal strength to avoid logging errors.

As with all the special operation modes supported by WSJT-X we strongly recommend that they be used on frequencies that do not overlap with regular operations, to avoid confusion, and inconvenience to non-contest operators. Contest organizers should make efforts to specify such frequencies and if possible draw up rules that encourage their use.

The Cabrillo entry file uses only the fields in the Contest Log window for QSOs, it is maintained separately from the main ADIF log, the Contest Log table has all exchanged information.


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