locked Re: Focus Shift in WSJT-X

Jim Preston N6VH

On 9/7/2020 6:43 AM, Dale Martin wrote:


I’ve been running WSJT-X (v2.2.2) with JTAlert (v2.15.3) on a windows 10 computer for some time now and it has worked very well.


This morning, I have noticed if I have WSJT-X and JTAlert running and am working in another application (Word, Excel, N1MM, viewing a PDF, etc), the WSJT-X/JTAlert pair will grab the focus from whatever app I’m in. I have not noticed this before and find it very intrusive and disruptive.


I haven’t made any changes to settings in either WSJT-X or JTAlert.


Can someone advise, please?


(FYI: WSJT-X/JTAlert grabbed focus 7…no, 8 times—it happened just now--in the course of my typing this note).


73 and thanks in advance for any help,


Dale, kg5u


I should have added this to my previous message. JTAlert is now up to 2.16.13. You might want to install the new version.


Jim N6VH

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