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Georgina Joyce

Hello Don,

I am sorry your posts make no sense to me. So how does a speaker tell me if the TS-2000is not sending audio down ACC2? How does a speaker tell me if the Tigertronics SL_CAB-13K lead is delivering the audio signal to the SL? How does the speaker test the audio is in the SL? I have already asked and stated that by putting headphones in either of the sockets I cannot hear any audio. Nor can Sam see any audio on the waterfall. So please tell me how to use a speaker to identify why my Tigertronics SignalLink USB with the Tigertronics jumper and lead is not working as advertised.

Being blind using a speaker would be ideal for me.

You set the deal that you would share the menu options when I have the Tigertronics parts. If you look through this thread I have stated time and time again. I do have the parts and pissed of that they don't work, faulty or my radio is faulty. A few people have been helpful and offered menu settings and you are quite welcome to join them as Sam has put a lot of time in helping me. Only to be fraught by no audio coming into the computer. So if you have anything constructive please feel free to offer it. If you have any suggestions what I could do as a blind but not stupid ham please offer them.

Thank you.

On 6 Sep 2020, at 23:40, Don Roden <donroden@...> wrote:

One of the cheapest troubleshooting devices for sound card modes is a cheap battery powered speaker. If you don't have an O-scope to "see", then a powered speaker allows you to "hear".


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