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Georgina Joyce


I see from the Tigertronics FAQs that there is an audio jumper inside the SL does this need putting into place?

As for the other jumpers, I have purchased the SL-MOD-13K which is supposed to be plug n play. This is the most interesting definition I have heard.

If there is another interface I could use with the TS 2000 I would give it serious consideration.

On 6 Sep 2020, at 00:34, Dave Garber <ve3wej@...> wrote:

in addition, check the jumpers to be correct position for the kw cable, inside the signalink

Dave Garber

On Sat, Sep 5, 2020 at 12:22 PM Sam Birnbaum via groups.io<w2jdb=aol.com@groups.io> wrote:
Hi Bill,
Thanks. Will do when I get back back from the park.


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Hi Sam,

use VOX. The TS-2000 must be keyed via the ACC socket to pick up audio from the same socket and mute the mic input, let the SignaLink USB do the PTT. This assumes the correct configuration board wiring is set up in the SignaLink USB.


On 05/09/2020 15:57, Sam Birnbaum via groups.io wrote:
Hi Bill,

PTT is Cat and is working properly.
Initially she the radio settings to none and PTT to VOX. 
Was able to key the radio, but  did not have any audio coming back.  
I changed the radio to TS2000 and made sure that CAT was working.

Baud rate is set to 9600 which I believe is the correct setting for the SignalLink. 

OI also tried setting Mode to USB then tried Data/Pkt, no audio. 

A friend of mine had his TS2000 working with WSJT-X and signallink so I know that it should work
Unfortunately , he no longer has the TS2000 hooked up so he can't check the settings.

There might be a problem in the cable connection to the TS2000 but there is no way that I can test for that on my end.


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On 05/09/2020 15:28, Sam Birnbaum via groups.io wrote:
HI All,

I am trying to help a blind lady ham in the UK connect her TS2000 to WSJT-X.
I have CAT control working without a problem. 

We are running into a problem with the signal link connection.
It seems that there is no audio coming through the signal link.
If there is anyone out there that is using the TS2000 with WSJT-X could 
you forward me the all the appropriate menu settings in the TS2000.

The appropriate Audio In/Out are already set in WSJT-X.

We have menus 50b and 50c set to 8 and still no audio out and no 
signals on the waterfall

If I switch audio in to the internal mike, WSJT-X does decode via the 
audio from the radio speaker so I know that WSJT-X is working properly.  

Any help would be appreciated



Hi Sam,
what do you have checked for "Settings->Radio->PTT Method"?


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