locked Re: Split operation #FT8 #QSO_practices

Lars Berg

If I call someone, mostly a needed one, new entity, new state or new zone; I ALWAYS look for a free QRG and call there. Most of the cases it works. However when I call CQ the situation will be different.  My remote QTH
is in a very rare grid, I'm the only active HAM (JP92). Especially on 6 mtr I'm often getting piles when the band opens up. On CW I can move around my freq
and picking station. On FT8 most station are coming right on my QRG and if Call 1st is on, I'm unable to pick a split station that can be copied without problem. My wish is that
Call 1st should be able to set a priority to "split" stations. Working a pile I'm staying on one TX freq and try to pick split station. If I got a 73 from my partner I pick the next one. I have been working piles on CW  from
several semi rare entities and have a permanent call on Dominica (J73CCM). Next time on the island I will try FT8 and I guess the pile will be huge. Have not been able to test DX mode. I don't have CAT installed on my
remote (495 km on way).

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