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Bill Somerville

On 02/09/2020 12:38, Bill N4iQ wrote:

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Hello Frode

I appreciate your comments.  The problem I was having was - while split and fake it operated just as you described, the actual desired audio frequency was not correct.  I verified this by monitoring my actual transmitted signal on a second radio running WSJT-X.   The ACTUAL transmitted audio had a constant offset from the desired and expected frequency.  NU4E also experienced this problem at his station.  The offset caused severe problems when operating because the frequency (say 1000 hz) I thought was being sent was not sent.  Instead 1500 Hz was actually being sent.  (I don't remember the actual offset - sorry).  I verified this on the second independent radio and WSJT-X setup.  I was making very few QSOs when this happened, even with 1 KW output.  Once I stopped using split or fake it, I verified the ACTUAL transmitted signal on the independent WSJT-X and the problem was gone.  I started making QSOs at good rates.  I run SO2R FT8 & FT4 so verifying this problem was easy.  My second SO2R radio setup never experienced this problem.

Bill N4iQ
Hi Bill,

your comments do not clarify the issue you are reporting. Audio offsets are irrelevant when checking the behaviour, what matters is the RF frequency the signal is sent on. If I understand correctly, you are saying that while using one of the WSJT-X "Settings->Radio->Split Operating" options you selected a Tx audio offset, say 1000 Hz, on a VFO dial frequency, say 14,074 kHz, and observed the transmitted signal was *not* at 14,075 kHz (lowest tone frequency). If that is what you are observing then please tell us what VFO dial frequency is being selected for your Tx VFO when this happens?

As an aside, why do you need to use anything other than "Settings->Radio->Split Operating->None" when you are using an all digital audio chain, and a rig with variable Tx and Rx bandwidth?


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