locked Re: World-wide Digi DX Contest Problem

Bill N4iQ

Hello Frode

I appreciate your comments.  The problem I was having was - while split and fake it operated just as you described, the actual desired audio frequency was not correct.  I verified this by monitoring my actual transmitted signal on a second radio running WSJT-X.   The ACTUAL transmitted audio had a constant offset.  NU4E also experienced this problem at his station.  The offset caused severe problems when operating because the frequency (say 1000 hz) I thought was being sent was not sent.  Instead 1500 Hz was actually being sent.  (I don't remember the actual offset - sorry).  I verified this on the second independent radio and WSJT-X setup.  I was making very few QSOs when this happened, even with 1 KW output.  Once I stopped using split or fake it, I verified the ACTUAL transmitted signal on the independent WSJT-X and the problem was gone.  I started making QSOs at good rates.  I run SO2R FT8 & FT4 so verifying this problem was easy.  My second SO2R radio setup never experienced this problem.

Bill N4iQ

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