locked Blind ham in need of help to get started

Georgina Joyce

I am a blind ham in Lancashire UK and want to use my TS-2000 to use FT8. I have a SignalLink USB with the appropriate jumper module installed. I need to use an adapted QLog program to use WSJT-X. The QLog instructions suggest that a sighted person should set up WSJT-x to receive and transmit before adding QLog. I have tried using non ham sighted support via team viewer and we are not making much progress.

Thus I could really do with a helping hand with getting the WSJTX basics set up. It would need to be via team viewer as I am in Preston Lancashire and we are still in a semi lock down. I am no longer a member of a local club so don't know if there is anyone local who could help. Although, WSJT-X has some keyboard commands the screen readers available to me don't play nice with the very graphical interface. Therefore, as advised in the QLog documentation I am seeking to get the basic configuration set up done by a sighted ham with a Tigertronics SignalLink USB.

I have followed the SL guide and selected None as the radio and VOX as the PPT. But I have no idea what else needs to be configured within WSJTX. I would be grateful if someone could use team viewer and log into my laptop and configure WSJTX? We could also use my DMR ID or AllStar node to have voice communication during the setup. Of course, there's the telephone too. I am usually hanging out on the blind hams bridge (See www.blindhams.com). I am quite capable of moving files and editing the shortcuts but I just need a little help with getting WSJTX configured.

I guess copying a working config file across wouldn't help me?

Is there anyone who is willing to help to get WSJTX configured?? Or provide a working config file?

Here's the QLog detail.

Thanks for your interest in learning about how to get started using the WSJT-X digital modes. A few years ago I put the word out of the WSJT-X Development Group reflector looking for a programmer who might be able to come up with software which would allow blind and visually handicapped Hams to use the new FT8 mode. Sam Birnbaum, W2JDB replied that he had a program called QLog which worked in conjunction with WSJT-X. He said that he thought he could modify it, adding voice assistance and keyboard shortcuts. I recruited 8 blind Hams who became the QLog beta tester team to help test and improve the QLog program. We meet every Tuesday evening via a teleconference bridge.

Now that you have joined the QLog Users Group, to access the QLog program, its documentation and a few other support programs, log into:


Go to the "Files" folder and you will find subfolders for "QLog" and "Spots". "Spots" is a support application which allows the user to access the data being appended to the WSJT-X "ALL.txt" file to easily determine all stations being decoded by WSJT-X. Once you become comfortable using QLog, you can add the spots program to further enhance your use of the FT8 and FT4 modes.

Download the QLog.exe file as well as the "QLog Initial Setup" file for sighted helpers and the "QLog Users Manual". Follow the setup instructions so a sighted person can make successful FT8 and FT4 QSOs at the blind ham’s station. Then create a folder called "QLog" in the "C:" root directory and move the downloaded "Qlog.exe" program into that folder. Follow the instructions on how to turn on the voice announcements by modifying a shortcut that you created for the QLog program, placing it on the desktop so the blind Ham can find it. Follow the instructions on the initial setup of QLog and the creation of a special configuration in WSJT-X for QLOG.

Many thanks,


Call: M0EBP
DMR ID: 2346259
Allstar: 52178
Locater: IO83PS

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