Martin G0HDB

On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 07:41 PM, Rod Linkous wrote:
Seems like I remember seeing a technique to transferring a contest to ADI file.  Is it possible?

Thanks and 73

Rod W7OM
Hi Rod, all your contest QSOs should already be in the wsjtx_log.adi file.

If you renamed your original wsjtx_log.adi file to something else, eg. wsjtx_log.full, before the start of a contest then when you first fired-up WSJT-X in readiness for the contest the app would have created a brand-new blank wsjtx_log.adi file and all your contest QSOs would have been written to the new wsjtx_log.adi file. 

After a contest is finished all you need to do is copy all the QSOs from the contest's wsjtx_log.adi file into the wsjtx_log.full file then delete or rename the contest's wsjtx_log.adi file and finally rename the wsjtx_log.full file back to wsjtx_log.adi.

Of course, if you didn't do anything to your original wsjtx_log.adi file before the contest then all your contest QSOs will just have been appended to the existing wsjtx_log.adi file.

Martin G0HDB

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