locked World-wide Digi DX Contest Problem

John, K9MM

I'm running WSJT-X v2.2.2 on a Windows 10 Pro v1909 system with a FlexRadio 6600M using the slice-master interface to Smart SDR v2.62..

Soon after I enabled the "Special Operating Activity" mode for this contest on Saturday, I encountered a problem where the Decode indicator would remain illuminated at the end of the decode cycle and there would be no more decodes. I believe this is the same problem reported during Field Day. Clearing the decode window and hitting ALT-Z would correct the problem, but only momentarily.

I switched back to normal operating mode, but the problem persisted. I shut down and re-started WSJT-X, but the problem persisted. I shut down WSJT-X, slice-master, and the SDR software, but the problem persisted. Finally, I re-booted the computer, and that fixed the problem as long as I didn't enable Special Operating Activity again.

I didn't see anyone else reporting this problem during the contest. Am I the only one who was seeing it? During Field Day many were reporting it. Is there a work-around? Thanks!


John, K9MM

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