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JP Tucson, AZ

This, like others, is a case where having a field strength meter would be very handy to have.

Do you have all of your equipment bonded to ground? Pwr supply, radio, tuner & computer?

One assumes you are bringing into  the shack the longwire ant. as a single unshielded wire? I.e. not coax...

I have a friend who did that, had the same issues. He solved the problem by using a 20-25 foot coax cable to a 1:1 current balun with the ant. Wire to the center & the ant side shield going through a wire back to the ground.

Not only did his rfi go away, but he cut his noise floor by by 3 or 4 S units.

73 - John - N7GHZ

On Mon, Aug 31, 2020, 9:31 AM <wojtasczyk@...> wrote:
I am new to the digi modes and am slowly both figuring this out and understanding how it works.  But I suspect that I have getting RFI into my computer causing problems.  I am using an IC-706MKIIG into an antenna tuner feeding a 130 long wire antenna.  I am able to tune to my freq in CW with no problems to the computer.  But when I begin to operate FT*, about after every other or third transmission, WSJT programs says that there is a rig control error and if I want to reconfigure the rig control systems.  I click ok and re-enable the TX and am able to continue TXing to complete the QSO.  In the most extreme it causes my computer to reboot.  I've increased the separation of my turner from the computer and have added a number of RF filters to a number of leads connecting to the back of the computer (I've got more now to continue placing the filters on a few remaining leads).  Am I pursuing the correct problem?

Thank you for all your help,
John Wojtasczyk

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