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Hello Chris,

You are correct, this is not software issue but a hard ware issue. Because you did not give much information, I will start with the basics.

Trouble shoot both the cable and radio by checking this pin in reverse. By that I mean... Key the mic and (using VOM) check if the pin voltage toggles from high to low. Make voltage check both at end of cable and direct at pin 3 of DIN ACC socket. You want to check for HI in RX and low in TX. Email me direct with results and I will go from there for you. My direct is W8HW@....

73, Bruce, W8HW


On 8/27/2020 5:30 PM, Chris Rayner wrote:
Has anybody else had issues with the Icom 706 ACC 'SEND' function?

I have an early 706 (i.e. NOT the MkII/MkIIg) which has a 13 pin DIN ACC socket. Pin 3 is SEND, which when grounded should key transmit.

When I ground Pin3/SEND - the 706 doesn't transmit. 

There are no menu items to configure VSEND or HSEND like on the early 706. 

Would welcome any thoughts on this one.



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