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  I am puzzled about your comments and need your help.   When I call a DX station and see an obvious pile up I fail to see how you can copy anything.  When I see that, I move to a clear frequency and give a call like we do on on CW split operation.   However, you recommend I stay on your calling frequency and patiently keep calling?  Do you finish a contact and then call CQ again to start the sequence over, or do you pick up someone who calls you after you send your 73?   I have tried calling on freq and split with about equal results.  I have a feeling it is up to the DX station to determine the protocol in each situation.   I appreciate your comments.  Tnx,  Brian, W9HLQ.
I usually manage to decode something when there are more than one station on my frequency. The problem here is that some continue to call or start calling even after I respond to someone else. If I don't decode quickly enough of my frequency then I would respond to another frequency.

I re-enable Tx (and if necessary hit RX<TX) as I send 73. This means I will either call CQ or automatically respond to another caller. Since WSKTX prioritises a decode on my Rx frequency this prioritises callers on my frequency unless they are weak and a strong signal elsewhere decodes first.

Fortunately there are many more GWs on FT8 now so I only get occasional minor pileups now.

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