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Bruce VK2RT

Signal strength? You are talking about signal to noise ratio, you don't know what the other station's noise level is.

On 6m running 10 watts I sometimes receive +12, should I be running .5 watt ?


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I usually run about 25 watts into a very inefficient MFJ-1788 Super Mag Loop.  This 3 foot diameter antenna tunes all the bands from 40M - 15M and I find 10 watts is often more than enough power to make contacts on the higher frequencies. On 40 meters I usually have to run 50 watts or more to have any chance at all of making a contact.  I watch my signal reports and adjust accordingly. If my signal strength is reported to be weak at less than -18 or so, I turn up the power a little.  A strong report of -8 or less tells me I'm running more power than needed. If your signal report comes back as a positive number you are definitely running too much power!
Gary - AC6EG  

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