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Carl Andreasen

The problem is most likely that transmit audio is not getting to the radio. Either the level is too low, or more likely the wrong audio path is selected. I do not know about your equipment but on mine I have to make sure the radio is looking at the correct source (microphone or rear). One other thing that has caught me in the past, make sure you have your place on the waterfall within the audio bandpass range of your radio. I have seen it where the solution is just to click on the waterfall down around 1000-1500 Hz.

I hope this helps

On 1/2/2018 1:14 PM, James Quick wrote:
Trying to set up an IC-7100, WSJT-X on a Mac Mini computer. I can get it to change freq but when I key the transmit it goes into xmit but no power out. I am using the USB port and the internal radio sound card. It receives the signals OK but no output. I have WSJT-X, FTDX-3000 working on another Mac just trying to set up a second system. Thanks for any help or advice.

Warren - K7CWA

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