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Chuck Adams

Also make sure the radio is connected and powered up or you won't see the options.

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I've been successfully using WSJT-X with a Yaesu FT-991a and a 64 bit computer with Windows 10.

Last night, Windows did a software update.  This morning, when I tried to use WSJT-X, there was no longer audio output to the FT-991a's USB port.  When I checked the audio selections in WSJT-X, the USB Codec choice, which I had been using for months, was gone.  In its place were selections for Default Output Device and Speakers/Headphones.

Truly the only thing that changed from the previous use was the Windows
10 automatic upgrade.  I have since uninstalled and reinstalled WSJT-X twice and has tweaked every setting related to use of the USB port in the FT-991a menus and nothing makes any difference.

Does anyone have any idea what happened and was is the possible fix?

Jim Robinson, W5ZYX

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