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Kenneth Bandy

I typically use a nominal 30 watts out of the rig (Elecraft K3S) for domestic contacts, rarely going over 50 watts for DX.



Ken, KJ9B


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How much power are we using for contacts? (BTW, I'm a newbie)
I am running around 10-15 watts on FT8 & JT65 modes. 5 watts when possible.
I am in NE ohio and see reception reports on the west coast sometimes and as far south as Fla.
I have seen reports as far away as Portugal with JT65, when the weather was better, but not last night (clouds, wind and dropping temps.)

My rig info is:
67ft endfed (speaker wire) running north/south and a 9:1 (EARCHI design) transformer. It slopes from about 7 ft to about 30 ft off the ground at the far end.
Kenwood TS-830s. I run the headphone jack output into a TASCAM USB144 MIDI. That goes into the laptop.
Speaker output from the laptop into the mic jack and using VOX.
I works. When it's really noisy, like last night, I have to play with the VBT and gain levels to get the VOX to trip - but once set it works.

Thanks all,


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