locked Re: Meteor Scatter 10M


The message linking references in the email header are hidden, they are there for email clients to keep track of conversation threads and add nothing the the displayed length of messages, on the contrary they allow replies to quote little or nothing of the message being replied to while still maintaining a properly linked conversation thread.

In that case, not including any of the previous body text, should surely not break the thread.

I take the full featured digest mail delivery using Thunderbird 68.10.0 on either of two PC's, or using an Android client on an older mobile device.   I rarely if ever visit the group website version.  All the groups.io groups have the same "behavioural features", much the same as when it was all hosted on Yahoo.

In any case, this is way off topic of WSJTx.

Thankfully some much needed time off soon, so I'll probably be unsubscribing from many lists, to save creating up a huge backlog of emails I'll never read, wish I could do the same with work email.


Dave G0WBX.   Putting bins out and then to bed, no doubt Tuesday will be another s***ty day at work.

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