Locked Re: Halt TX doesn't always work. #WSJTX_config

Gary - AC6EG <gdefeyter@...>

On Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 04:51 pm, Dave Garber wrote:
Why are you not using the internal sub codec and db9 direct.   Maybe there is a buffer delay between your radio. And software going via the vspe port

The problem could very well be due to a buffer delay.  I think I'm going to take Tom's suggestion (KE0ABA) and slow the serial port baud rate down to 9600 and see if that makes any difference.  If this is an uncommon problem I may need to simplify my setup.  The SignaLink USB is no doubt unnecessary, but I like being able to adjust RX & TX audio with the twist of a knob and I believe it has a sound card that is superior to the one built into the TS-590.    If lowering the baud rate doesn't work, I may have to consider the elimination of VSPE, but it has been very useful to be able to share a single serial port with multiple programs.

Gary - AC6EG

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