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Hello Alan,
    Thank you so much.
    I apologize for making such a stupid mistake.
    I took a step forward, unfortunately I am not sure of the place to make the next adjustment (see screenshot)! T
he 0dB setting for Realtek HD audio output is completely right (maximum) and this setting is for the Loudspeaker (each change of the loudspeaker level change this value).
    Also a question about the first steep: "
Firstly you must set the mixer control to maximum." means maximum the same as Line 6 (Loudspeaker for me) ? or maximum modifying also the value for line 6 (Loudspeaker) ?

    Thanks also to Bill.
    Jean-Paul, F5BU

Jean-Paul F5BU
Site : f5bu.fr

Le 2020-08-08 à 12:40, Alan G4ZFQ a écrit :

I had tried to follow this protocol before, but can't seem to get a specific setting for WSJT-X (see attached screenshot).


Your picture shows a scroll bar.
Use that or drag the window wider.

73 Alan G4ZFQ


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