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I’m a .NET dev too, and I’ve started a bit of work on this - put in place some scaffolding for a .NET Standard library and started on the quick and high value wins, message wise.

My aim is to complete this and get a package published to Nuget.org that anyone can pull in. Can’t remember whether I already set that up...

Do feel free to raise a PR to extend that work if you wish to contribute to an open source effort.


On Sat, 8 Aug 2020 at 05:06, n6vl via groups.io <n6vl=yahoo.com@groups.io> wrote:
I've been playing around with the UDP datagrams generated from I've found lots of scattered docs mostly from messages in this group. I've been trying to decipher the NetworkMessage.hpp source file comments. Most of the code examples in this group are based on classic VB. However I'm most fluent in the .NET framework with C# and some earlier background in VB.NET.

So far I've written a basic C# console program that reads from However I'd like to have more details about the full datagram. The NetworkMessage.hpp comments don't completely describe the full datagram. For example, it does NOT document the call sign traffic among other things.

Can anyone get me started?

de Steve N6VL

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