Locked Re: Halt TX doesn't always work. #WSJTX_config


I have exactly the same rig and station setup software versions that you do.  The only time Halt TX doesn’t work is if I try to halt at the same instant that the rig keys.  The rig xmits but the Enable button is white.  I attribute that mostly to operator error as I know when it will do that.  That happens about 1% of the time.  The only difference in setup is I run serial and USB at 9600.  Plenty fast and rock solid.  

On Nov 18, 2017, at 1:27 PM, Gary - AC6EG <gdefeyter@...> wrote:

It happened to me several times yesterday but today I can't make it NOT work.  If I double click an entry or initiate a CQ and immediately click Halt TX, the rig stops transmitting as expected.  Maybe this only happens on Fridays!  It will probably happen again at some point in the future and I will try to be more precise in observing when this failure occurs. 

I'm curious as to why there even needs to be a Halt TX button.  Seems like clicking the Enable TX button while you are transmitting should stop any transmission, but it does not.  The red Enable TX button turns gray but the rig continues to xmit. 

Gary - AC6EG

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