locked Re: WSJT-X 2.2, USB Signalink, Kenwood ACC cable Windows 10 PTT works but no transmit

Joe Subich, W4TV


Check the orientation of the DIN13 plug into the ACC2 jack. It is
possible to connect the plug "upside down" (rotated 180 degrees)
in which case the connections do not line up correctly. Thus no
audio in and no PTT.

Also make sure PTT is connected to pin 9 with return to pin 5.
Transmit audio audio should be pin 11 (return to pin 12) and
receive audio on pin 3 (return to pin 4).


... Joe, W4TV

On 2020-08-05 10:13 PM, Tom Henderson wrote:
Had a chance to research further, but haven't connected the scope.
All of your cases are satisfied, Bill. I hear the PTT relay clicking in my Signalink USB when PTT should be working, but the radio isn't kicking into transmit mode on the Kenwood. In fact now, I'm getting no decode at all.
That's it for tonight, on again tomorrow with the scope to watch a scope trace of in and out from the modem.
Thanks for you continuing assistance.
73 Tom

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