locked WSJT-X-rc2: Generate Std Msgs button doesn't work #WSJTX_config

Gary - AC6EG <gdefeyter@...>

RC2 is awesome!  I'm finding, though, that the Generate Std Msgs button doesn't work as expected.  I like to use JT-Alert Macros to send a personalized 73  ( ie.  TU BOB GL 73 )  Sometimes this confuses the other operator and he sends repeated RRR's.  When that happens I used to be able to click the Generate Std Msgs button and it would instantly replace the macro with a regular YOURCALL MYCALL 73.  I'd send that and everybody would be happy.  But now if I click on Generate Std Msgs nothing happens. I could probably create a workaround with another macro that would quickly generate a standard 73 message, but it would probably be better to fix whatever is wrong with the GSM button. It is possible that is a mode specific problem. I've only seen this when operating FT8.
Many thanks to you who are developing this fantastic software!

Gary - AC6EG  

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