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Eddy van Keulen

I think I know what you’re talking about.  I like to do that too; not wait until the other station calls CQ again but jump into the gap after the 73 of the previous contact. I’ve had a lot of JP stations do it to me too.


RC2 has a new feature that I like very much. When you answer the CQ of a station but that station didn’t hear you and calls someone else, RC2 will turn off your transmit.. JT65 gives you enough time so you can manually cancel the transmit before it actually starts transmitting but FT8 is too fast. It starts transmitting and then you end up breaking it off a few seconds in. RC2 prevents this unwanted transmission. An unfortunate side effect is that when you want to pounce after the station’s 73 to someone else, it will do the same thing. It is detected as a transmission to someone else and RC2 turns off your transmit. Knowing it will do that, I will hover the mouse over the transmit button and quickly turn it on again. Hopefully the software developers catch on to this side effect and fix it to only disable the transmit when answering a CQ, not when you’re pouncing a 73. 😉


Eddy – W6EDY



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I ran into this last week and asked about it on the Facebook group but no one seemed to understand what I was talking about.

I personally like to hunt and pounce. I'll spot a station I want to work and I'll double click their call to get things set up and ready to roll. When I spot his contact sending 73, I figure he is about to send 73 and leave a gap. So, when he begins his transmission, I will select transmit so when he finishes, I'll immediately call him. Ezcept, with RC2 8069, the program shuts off transmit as soon as he sends 73!

RC1 does not do this but I like the sensitivity of RC2 and really would rather not roll back to it. I did roll back for a time but RC2 is so much better, I went back to it..

Does anyone have a clue about what is going on here and if there is aby way for me to fix this?

Fred - KK5AA


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