locked Re: Tune is red.

Jerome Sodus

1. I am still on v2.2.1.
2a. Win10 home 1909 64-bit
2b. I have turned away MS's bidding to go to 2004, at least for awhile (I've read there is only a 35 day limit to that).
3. Not sure how to answer the CAT interface question, but maybe these details will serve a purpose:
Using DXLab Commander to run the FT-950.
No cabling has been changed.

As aids in diagnosis:
a) Since my CAT button is green, what parts of the system does that check out as passing ok?
b) Since my Tune button is red, what parts of the system does that indicate as problematic?

Again, tnx for any help because i'm really stuck
73 Jerry KM3K

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