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i am not sure you need the RS232 to DB9 cable. I am using the Rigblaster Advantage with a Yaseu ft950 with just the usb cable and all works fine once I stopped trying to use the serial DB9 cable.

i still had to set the com port speed  and protocol on the radio and Rigblaster to match. now works fine. not sure if the same would be true with your model.

it took a little trial and error playing. all good in the end.

On 9/11/2017 9:31 PM, Eddy van Keulen via Groups.Io wrote:

I don’t have a FT450D or a RigBlaster Plug&Play but let me take a stab at this.


There are usually 3 different items when working digital modes, that work more or less independent:

  1. Sound. The RigBlaster should create an external soundcard for Win10.  I guess this is working fine, assuming FLDigi is working OK. This also means that you should be receiving OK with WSJT-X but you may have to tune manually.
  2. CAT control. This is for setting the frequency, mostly, with WSJT-X. The FT450D is not in the list of radios in WSJT-X. My FTDX3000 isn’t either but the FTDX5000 selection works fine. I think the CAT commands for general things like setting the frequency are pretty much the same between the Yaesu radios so try another model that is closest to yours. Maybe try the FT991 or FT950 or FT857.  Another part of the CAT control is the baud rate of the serial link. Look at the setting in FLDigi, again assuming FLDigi is working fine. My FTDX3000 defaults to 38400. Usually, when there is something wrong with the serial link, WSJT-X will complain.
  3. PTT.  You have 4 choices for PTT: VOX, CAT, DTR or RTS. In case of VOX, the radio itself detects an audio signal and starts transmitting on its own. I have seen cable hookups with the SignaLink interface where the soundcard in the SignaLink detects the audio and then clicks a relay on a connector that plugs into the “key” input on the radio. In this case you’d select VOX in the software. Maybe the RigBlaster does that too. CAT may also work. I use “RTS” myself with a different digital interface. When FLDigi is working fine, check how FLDigi is controlling PTT and do the same with WSJT-X.


Maybe there is somebody here that also has a FT450D and that can provide some more specific info.


Best regards,

Eddy, W6EDY


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Well lets try this request for help again. 

I cannot get Wsjtx rc2 to control the radio or to transmit with PTT.

My Equipment is as follows:

Rig: Yaesu FT 450D
OS: Windows 10
Soft: fldigi v4.0.8

On other programs I use
Com5 Rigblaster Plug and Play for PTT And Sound
Com 7  RS232 to DB9 on the back of the radio for rig control. No matter
what combination of com settings will provide rig control and PTT

Can anyone out there let me know what settings I need to alow me to use
this program?



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