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Reino Talarmo

Hi Ray,


Most probably you have in File -> Colors tab ‘New Call on Band’ selected.


73, Reino OH3mA


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I use 2 different radios and 2 computers to run WSJT-X. One does 6-160 and the other does 2 and .70. Prior to Field day I backed up the wsjtx_log.adi file, then removed it from the folder of both computers so I would know for sure who I had worked or not during  Field day.. I did my Field day thing, uploaded both computers logs to QRZ then did a data dump from QRZ to an adi file. Brought it into the WSJT-X data folder, renamed it to wsjtx_log.adi. I started playing radio again. Next contest is CQ VHF. Same process, but I now notice strangeness. I started noticing that some of the light green call signs calling cq, I had worked before but not on the band that I was running. I have now confirmed that if I am on 2 meters (just and example), any station that I have worked before on any band shows up as the nice light green of worked before on the 2 meter band.
I have cleaned out the adif file 3 times now. Pulled new copies. Made the lines in the adif file match what wsjt-x makes when it logs a qso. Number of characters, format of band, frequency,etc.

What am I missing? Is the wsjtx_log.adi file used for historical purposes? I thought adif V3 was adif v3.???
Thanks for your time.

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