locked Issues with later Yaesu rigs and FLDIGI native support

Steve [VK3SIR]



A number of issues have arisen with the later model Yaesu rigs (namely FT991/991A and FT891) and software – a direct result of Yaesu NOT implementing some basic functions and changing some of the CAT return codes.


Fldigi is NOT natively communicating with these radios… and comms is having to be achieved through FLRIG (that does appear to work perfectly).


Michael Black of the Hamlib development team has been working heavily on resolving matters from the Hamlib library perspective – primarily through wsjtx and jtdx.


Can this please be looked at? Attached are ALPHA versions of the main changes in the Hamlib code – Again I stress that these changes are VERY Alpha ... but after extensive testing they appear to functional with most software and across Yaesu models at this stage. The attachments reside in the Hamlib “yaesu” source directory. Hamlib must be rebuilt and any links to old static libraries etc. removed.

I have another request – but I will put this in a separate email.



Steve I


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