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Eddy van Keulen

I am curious, do we know why the JTAlert people dropped this feature? They must have had their reasons.
HRD is my master local LOG and the automatic logging of JTAlert to HRD is one of the reasons I use it. I am not sure if I want to run yet another layer of support for WSJT-X so I will probably stick with JTAlert 2.8.7 for a while.

Eddy, W6EDY


On Thu, 5/4/17, Bruce VK2RT <bruce@...> wrote:

Subject: [WSJTX] QSO Relay Software - JTAlertX 2.9.x link to Ham Radio Deluxe 6.x Logbook #new
To: WSJTX@groups.io
Date: Thursday, May 4, 2017, 5:58 PM

Since support for Ham Radio
Deluxe (HRD) Logbook v6.x is no longer be available from
JTAlertX version 2.9.x., a group of amateurs who wanted to
maintain this link between the latest versions of JTAlertX
and HRD, decided to develop an application to achieve this
end. The software was designed and developed by Chris VK2BYI
who some of you may know, developed and designed FTRestore
for managing menus and memories for the FT-991, FT991A,
FTdx1200 and FTdx3000 radios. JTAlertX adds
significant functionality with audio and visual alerts for
WSJT-X (and JT65-HF etc) and now with QSO Relay we are able
to keep using the latest JTAlertX application (2.9+) in
conjunction with the latest Ham Radio Deluxe software
QSO Relay is a Windows desktop application that runs
as a System Tray application that listens for contacts being
forwarded from WSJT-X and JTAlertX via the User Datagram
Protocol (UDP). As datagrams are received, they are logged
locally in a SQLite database and then relayed via
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to a Ham Radio Deluxe
Logbook v6.x database.
QSO Relay was developed as a proxy application that
interacts with JTAlertX the same way as one of the alternate
logging applications supported by JTAlertX – Log4OM. This
allows JTAlertX to verify that that QSO has been logged by
querying the SQLite database, before the contact is relayed
to the HRD Logbook database.
As confirmations of contacts are subsequently
received from various sources such as LoTW, eQSL.cc and QSL
Cards, the corresponding rows in the HRD Logbook database
are updated. QSO Relay has a feature whereby contact
confirmations in the HRD Logbook database can be made to the
QSO relay database as well. This synchronisation process is
requested by selecting a QSO Relay menu item.
This in turn should be followed by a ‘Scan Log and
Update…’ in JTAlertX to update its Wanted Alert
Runs as a minimised application with an icon in
the System Tray.Works with HRD Logbook v6.x with
full support for logbooks hosted on the following database
platforms:Microsoft Access (Standard Jet
Database *.mdb files);Microsoft SQL
Server;Oracle MySQL
Server.Synchronisation between the HRD Logbook
database and the QSO Relay database can be triggered when
desired to ensure updates are replicated back to QSO
I have been part of the testing team and have
been using this application for some time now with complete
success. I recommend this application to those who wish to
keep using the latest Ham Radio Deluxe with the latest
JTAlertX.The software is available at
http://www.vk2byi.com.au/qsorelay/.  As well as
downloading the software, please ensure that you download
and read the associated documentation.The following
link will take you to the VK2BYI-QSO Relay Forum where
support will be available:
https://groups.io/g/vk2byi-qsorelay/I recommend that
you join this Forum in order to keep up to date with any
software changes and maybe provide constructive feedback,
this will be the sole source for software update information
and software support.
ISSUEThere is currently an issue
with Windows Regional
Settings where a comma "," is being
used as the Mhz separator as shown in the WSJT-X/JTDX etc.
frequency window.Quick FIx - if
your Windows Regional
Setting is a comma "," change it
to is a dot "."A new release of QSO Relay will be
available shortly that fixes this issue.

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