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John Blake <vk6jb@...>

One thing to check would be in your sound settings on your Mac, make sure the same Audio codec is selected for your speakers. The mic will be the audio coming in to the Mac for Rx the speaker will be for the audio going to the rig for Rx. They are 2 separate things.

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On 5 Mar 2017, at 06:24, James Quick <n4ule@...> wrote:
Trying to get the FTDX-3000 to send. I can get the sound cart to receive 
but can't get it to send. It shows that I have the USB Audio CODEC but
only the send works. I have installed the right driver for the radio but
no go. I am running WSJT-X on a Mac computer so I need help with the mac
setup. Thanks for all the help getting me this far but I still need a
little help. Thanks for any help or advice.


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