locked Re: FTDX-3000 #NewUser

James Quick

Here is what happens when I try to send a CQ, WSJT-X keys the radio and it shows power out, (25w) but I have no tones going out. I am running the Mac Ver. of WSJT-X I don't run Windows at all.

Jim Quick / N4ULE

On 3/4/17 6:16 PM, Eddy van Keulen via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Jim,

Besides the audio CODEC, there should also be two virtual COM ports assigned to your radio. One is for CAT control, the other for PTT and CW signalling. These two COM ports should refer to a SiLabs chipset. Does CAT control work? If it does, the PTT will listen to the next or previous COM port, most likely the DTR signal but may also be the RTS.

Eddy, W6EDY
On Sat, 3/4/17, James Quick <n4ule@...> wrote:

Subject: [WSJTX] #new FTDX-3000
To: WSJTX@groups.io
Date: Saturday, March 4, 2017, 2:24 PM
Trying to get the FTDX-3000 to send.
I can get the sound cart to receive
but can't get it to send. It shows that I have the USB Audio
only the send works. I have installed the right driver for
the radio but
no go. I am running WSJT-X on a Mac computer so I need help
with the mac
setup. Thanks for all the help getting me this far but I
still need a
little help. Thanks for any help or advice.
Jim Quick / N4ULE

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