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Jerome Sodus

The Yaesu  FT-950 manual (relevant pages are pg100 and pg113) is short on details about what menu choices 054 & 055 actually do (at least for where I am technically speaking).
For menu-054, it says, "Sets the packet display frequency offset".
For menu-055, it says, "Sets the carrier point during SSB packet operation".
For 054, you recommended "0 Hz" and, for 055, a setting of "1500 Hz".

I don't understand what either 054 or 055 are actually doing (well, maybe an idea for 055).
Internet searches for the purpose of each one came up with nothing.
Would you please explain why those controls are there?
73 jerry km3k

On 07/22/2020 9:30 PM Jerome Sodus <jsodus@...> wrote:

Ok. I'll note my manual accordingly. Tnx.
73 jerry km3k 

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Hi Jerry,

the "red flag" I refer to is that the FT-920 has default factory settings that are not sensible for AFSK data mode operation. I believe the FT-950 has more sensible default options (MENU 054 = 0Hz, 055 = 1000 Hz), although 055 = 1500 Hz might be better for WSJT-X HF digital modes.


On 23/07/2020 01:59, Jerome Sodus wrote:
Is what you say about Yaesu applicable to the FT-950 also? If so, I have a problem then because I do not understand the sentence "There is a red flag.....". Any idea where I can get educated to know what to adjust on my 950?
73 jerry km3k 

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On 22/07/2020 18:41, Chris Rayner wrote:
> Thanks Bill.
> I was aware of the 2min window (been using a WSPRLite from SOTABEAMS
> for a while - really cool).
> So, it must be frequency. But how do I check? The rig is showing the
> right frequency 14.0956MHz (and I have no issues on FT8). Do i need to
> set anything in the waterfall with the Rx and Tx (green and red sliders)?
> Chris

Hi Chris,

WSJT-X includes a FreqCal mode for checking your receiver's frequency to
within a few tenths of a Hertz, you can either adjust your rig's
reference oscillator or use the "Settings->Frequencies->Frequency
Calibration" facility to correct frequency errors.



For FT8 being a few hundred Hertz of frequency is not critical since the
decoder attempts to decode every signal in the waterfall passband. WSPR
only decodes in the indicated 200 Hz window. There is a red flag in that
you have a Yaesu rig, they have menu settings that need adjusting to set
the displayed frequency and carrier point for data modes. If they are
not set correctly your indicated frequency may well not be what the
actual Rx frequency is. The FT-920 further complicates matters as I
believe those settings are not sufficient to get the correct VFO dial
frequency readout for a normal "AFSK" signal. The FT-920 user manual is
not very clear and I understand that it contains several errors as well.


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