locked Re: Using WSJTX with a transverter?

Derek Brown

As Reino suggests, I use a IC756 via a transverter to operate WSJT-X on 70Mhz 4 Metres, certainly not a band the the 756 will work on !! read the WSJT-X user guide its all in there, you just need to know the offset frequency, i.e 50-28 = 22Mhz ! plug that into the correct box and when you select 6M on WSJT-X it will add the 28.313 and the 22.000 together to log on 50.313 for FT8.

73 Derek G8ECI
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I am using a Yeasu FT-840 which covers 160 through 10 meters via CAT control.  I also have a 6 meter transverter for that band.  However, when I set WSJTX software to 6 meters the rig can't do that band to it does not change.  If I disengage the CAT control and set the rig to 10 meters is will work with the transverter but the logged contacts are on 10 meters and not 6.

How do I use the program with a transverter and get the Logging to be correct?

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