locked Re: WSJT website not accessible here


I suspect that there are many more out there with the same problem.

There are indeed!

It's not unusual sadly, I too have had issues getting the Joe's pages at Princeton in the recent past, and too resorted to a VPN at that time..

The fact that Opera with it's VPN works, indicates that when you "appear" to come from a different IP address, that is not blacklisted (sorry..  BADlisted) it all works.

Using a VPN for such things, is quite honestly, not a problem in my view.  (Others are bound to disagree...)

There is a lot of IPv4 address trading going on, where blocks that were allocated to large organisations that may want to recover some funds, or have been taken over, or ...   Relinquish all or part of their address range, and that in turn ends up being allocated to ISP's anywhere in the world, to dish out to their users.

If one of those blocks used to be associated with something like digital-ocean, (they are not bad guys, but some of their users are less than savoury) it could still be listed somewhere as an address range to block.

The SSL certificate Princeton uses is a little odd too.  It could also as a result, cause some systems not to accept it, as the issuer might be unknown to your system, so therefore untrusted.  (Note, FireFox carries it's own certificate trust scheme, not relying on the underlying OS's cache of such things.  How up-to-date is your FireFox?)

I have seen invalid certificate warnings on that site in the past when using different systems and browsers.

Anyway, you have ways to reach it if you need.


Dave G0WBX.

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