locked Re: WSJT website not accessible here

Miloš Soukup

Hi Lawrence,

I have the same problem for long time.
Princeton blocks some IP addresses because there were some attacks on them from these addresses.

73! de Miloš, OK1FMY

I hope that someone can help me to get into the WSJT website. When I try to look at it I just get a long pause and then an error message. My main computer is a Mac Mini using Safari as the browser under Mojave. I also run Windows 10 on it under Parallels and the problem is the same on both operating systems. All the other web sites that I look at seem to display normally.

I have the same problem on my iPad and also on my Dell laptop that runs Windows 10.

I have asked my ISP (JT - Jersey Telecom) about it and they only said that they do not block any websites. My assumption is that there is an unintended IP block in the server for the “physics.princeton.edu" website. It is interesting that I can see the web site “phy.princeton.edu” which works OK here.

Another local friend, who uses the same ISP, has the same problem. Another one who uses a different ISP (called Sure) can see the website OK.

Just to check another option I installed Opera as another browser as it includes a VPN option which I set to "On" and I can now see the website that way. Ideally I would like to get full access with the browsers that I normally use.

I would appreciate it if someone who is associated with Princeton could get them to check to see if there is a problem there that can be corrected. Or advise me on anything else that I can do from here without having to use a VPN.

73, Lawrence GJ3RAX

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