locked Radioman's FT8 decode problem


During FD, I was also bothered by the additional decodes causing the band activity window to scroll up while clicking on a desired station only to have my response issued to someone different.  This effect can be minimised by enabling Settings-General-Display "Start new period decodes at top" and also enabling "CQ Only" on the main GUI.  This causes each new cycle's CQ decodes to print from the top of the band activity pane and it will not scroll up when supplementary decodes are written.  The downside is that you don't seen the additional decodes unless purposely scrolling the pane down to see them, but I've found that usually the SNR of those decodes is low enough that the likelihood of making a QSO is small anyway.

Why Radioman's original post is now locked is curious.  Why is that?

Hugo, ve3ktn.

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