locked Re: CAT Control FT-817

John G0GCD

I previously reported WSPR dropping the TX enable after a tune, whilst band hopping OR on manual demand. This happened / happens with 2.1.2 with an FT100, which is very similar to the FT817. I believe that it happened on earlier versions too.
I didn't get a response as to whether this was intentional. I too suspected rfi but dropped the power to zero and used a dummy load, and still the problem occurs.
My solution is to run a third party windows automation tool that checks the colour of the tx enable button every minute and if it's not red, it clicks it.
Crude but works. Still not clear if this is wsjt-x intentional behaviour but you're the first 'other' person that has mentioned it. 
I have had no other errors, in fact no errors at all, reported. I will try the cat set with other rigs... thanks for the suggestion.
73 John G0GCD 

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