Locked Re: Linuus install fails with Lib6 dependancy issue #install #linux

Bill Somerville

On 14/07/2020 17:45, ajparent1/kb1gmx wrote:
when I attempt to install the wsjtx_2.2.2_amd64  from the Prinction page
the package is uninstallable on a fairly fresh Linux Mint 18.4 system.
The page claimed the package is correct for that version yet it fails with
LibV6-228 dependency error.

So what version gets me to current?

Hi Allison,

there is no such claim. The package we produce is targeted at Ubuntu 18.04. Mint Linux 19 is equivalent to that. You have two choices, either upgrade your system to Cinnamon, or build WSJT-X from sources. The latter is probably by far the easiest option. Instructions in the INSTALL file at the root of the unzipped sources tarball.


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