Locked Re: FT897D. Hamlib error? #WSJTX_config

Mike Alsop

Here similar problems. Was running fine, tried to upgrade to the new .deb version (2.2.2) on XUbuntu 20.04 and heaps of errors. Cleared it all out using purge to start afresh and try the tar file.

Heaps of dependency problems, but resolved all them and finally ended up with a compiled, working version. Did all the checks (user part of dialout group, etc) and no matter what I do cannot get it to talk to the FT-817. I also use a Signalink USB interface. Previously that had problems as had to disable the PTT in that, but CAT did work.

Now have the dreaded hamlib errors.


On Sun, 2020-07-12 at 23:21 -0700, oz4gd@... wrote:
You wrote: please use the FT-857 model until the next release when the issues is resolved.

That's what I am doing.
I have not heard from other hams about this problem. 
Seems I am no alone having this problem.

Thanks for info.
73 de OZ4GD / Per

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