Re: Frequency error IC 706MK2

Bill Somerville

On 11/07/2020 00:23, OZ9AU Allan wrote:

I update wsjt-x to v2.2.2 from v2.1.2. All worked fine until I changed frequency to 144.174 MHz in FT8. The display on the radio shows 44.174, missing the 1.

I tried delete the post in “Frequencies” and retype the frequency (144.174.000). I checked CAT settings. But the problem is the same.

Reinstalled v2.1.2 and all is OK again. Anyone else discovered this?

Radio Icom 706MK2, Win 10, USB CAT with FTDI FT232 chip.

73 Allan, OZ9AU
Hi Allan,

thanks for the issue report, it is a known issue with the version of Hamlib used in WSJT-X v2.2.x. It has been fixed for the next release of WSJT-X.


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