locked Re: Mode JT9+JT65

Michael Black

If you can see the JT9 signals on the waterfall then check the JT9 cutoff on the bottom left spin bar.
I keep mine at 2400 which covers most everybody.
Also ensure your waterfall window goes up to 3kHz at least.  e.g. Even though my current rig only does 2800 I still decode things to  3100 and split mode will still transmit in the appropriate bandwidth of the rig.

de Mike W9MDB

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Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2016 12:33 AM
Subject: [WSJTX] Mode JT9+JT65

I am running v1.6.0 r6263.   Win 10

 The mode JT9+JT65 appears to not be decoding JT9   (JT65 is fine)

Now, the JT9 mode alone   decodes fine.  Same thing for JT65 mode alone, it copies fine.

It's the combo mode that seems not to receive JT9

I've been off the air for a few days, has something changed or maybe I've fat fingered something in the setup.   Your thought, please

Thanks much  73 es Happy Thanksgiving to all

Jim  W6AAJ

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