locked FT8 Operating Frequency

Michael WA7SKG

Something I just noticed. I fire up the rig, launch WSJT-X on FT8 and start calling CQ. My dial is set (by WSJT-X) to 14.074.00, my TX Frequency is set in WSJT-X to 1175 Hz with Hold TX Freq checked.

After calling CQ for a while and maybe making a couple contacts, I bring up PSKReporter to see how I am doing. Happily, I see dozens of little balloons with reception reports of my signal. Curiously, however, no two of them show the same operating frequency. I would have expected 14.075.175, but I see everything all over like 14.075.169, 14.077.269, 14.075.172, 14.075.126, etc.

Just curious on this disparity. Probably just something I am not understanding on how FT8works.

Michael WA7SKG

"Any day you do not learn one new thing is a wasted day."

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