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Hi Bill,

I took your advice about checking the box "start new periods decodes at top" The AP works much better now. I let it receive for a long time with no stalls in decodes. Unfortunately, when I started to log using DX Keeper and Pathfinder things got flakey. The decoding became erratic and stalled. I noticed on the monitor the scrolling time slowed. I did a little trouble shooting and I noticed that when logging the CPU usage would jump from 35% to 100%, not good. My laptop is a little long in the tooth. It has an Intel Pentium 997 @ 1.6gHz. and 8mb RAM. I noticed the Internet Explorer CPU usage would jump up to 49% for a few cycles. Even when the AP was working normally it seemed to not decode signals it should have. Is my laptop due for an upgrade or is their a problem in the AP that overloads resources. I noticed even my harddrive jumped to 95% at times.

I notice that the Decode button lights up usually thre times per cycle but not always What controls the decode command. Even if there are no signals, should not the decode light blink 3 times every period?

Thanks for all your help,

Ron K2PSD 

On July 2, 2020 at 12:55 PM Bill Somerville <g4wjs@...> wrote:

On 02/07/2020 16:42, R SCHMAHL wrote:
Hi all,
Is there a problem with ver 2.2.2? I recently installed ver 2.2.2 and
updated to the latest version of Win 10. The program running in FT-8
seemed to work initially but then the decodes become erratic and then
then cease. No signals display on the signal display screen.The decode
button does not flash. Usually rebooting the AP will start decoding
again. It will run for about 10 minutes until it stops decoding again 
The equipment here is an FTdx500mp and a SignalLink interface. Any
help here?
Ron Schmahl K2PSD
Hi Ron,

do you have the option "Settings->General->Start new period decodes at
top" checked? If you do then please be aware that there is a known issue
with decodes not being scrolled into the Band Activity window after a
large number of decodes have been printed. You can work around this
issue by periodically erasing the Band Activity window (right-click in
the window and select "Erase").


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