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Just updated from 1809 to 2004 as 1809 is EOL but it's only my laptop, not my shack computer as that is 1909. 


On 3 Jul 2020 16:16, "Jim Nuytens via groups.io" <jim.kj3n@...> wrote:
I think it very much depends on how big of an update you’re doing. If, for example, you’re going from version 1709 (yes, I’ve seen this), to version 2004, you could run into issues. If it’s only from 1909 to 2004, then maybe not so bad.

The only thing that happened to me when going from 1909 to 2004 was that my comm port for CAT somehow got re-assigned from port 3 to port 5. Prior to that, I’ve never seen anything weird when doing updates of Windows.

As always, YMMV, and offer not good in all 50 states. Batteries not included. 😉

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Well, the time has come and I’m going to update. Would appreciate hearing best practices to diminish the likelihood of awful things happening when I Turn on my 7610 and reboot WSJT. Is there a best way to do this? Or is it the luck of the draw? Given some of what I’ve been reading, advice will be appreciated.

Everybody stay safe and stay healthy. 

Eli, N6PF 

73 Phil GM3ZZA

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