Locked Merge WSJT-X Field Day log into N3FJP Field Day log for submitting to ARRL

Peter Wanger

I operated Class 1D from home. I did not set up the WSJTX --> JTAlert-->N3FJP network structure before the contest. (Over my pay grade)

So after the Field Day contest I had two separate log files that I needed to merge in order to submit them.
1. Phone and CW contacts in N3FJP
2. FT-8 contacts in WSJT-X Field Day mode log
This simple procedure worked for me:
Open the WSJT-X Field Day Mode  .ADI log file in Notebook (or any text editor)
Use Find/Replace All to change:
<rst_rcvd:  to  <Class:
<STATE:    to  <ARRL_Sect:
Save and then Use the "Import ADIF" function in N3FJP Field Day log to merge with the rest of your contacts.
  Pete  WA6ECH

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