Locked Cat frequency now set higher (KX3) (fix found - see at end)

Barry Bogart

I am using a KX3, with the Elecraft cable set, with a Win 8 laptop. Suddenly the frequency is being set by CAT is UP as follows:
144.174 becomes 144.237437
50.315   becomes 50.335139   
28.074 becomes 28.086353
24.915 becomes 24.925963
21.074 becomes 21.083073
This just started happening after the VHF contest and FD,  after months of FT8 use before that. I should add that FLdigi and FLrig still perfectly CAT-control the frequency with all the same hardware.

Disabling split, using Data A or just USB, even editing the frequency table (which is correct) makes no difference.  What gives????? The substituted frequencies are consistent, although apparently random....  No problem  with FLrig so it must be WSJT-X. I am using 2.2.2 now, even installed it twice, but the error started with 2.2.0...

Well, resetting the Configuration seems to have fixed it. But I'll post anyway in case someone else gets this strange error. Corrupt config file?

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