Locked Enhancement for FT4/FT8

Terry A Dennison

I spent the last weekend on Field Day making many contacts- all but two using FT8.  There was so much activity that it was often hard to maintain situational awareness.  Many times, even limiting the display to 'CQ Only', there were so many CQ's listed that it spilled onto multiple screens.


My suggestion to consider adding a 'dB filter' that would suppress entries with a dB value below a user-set level.  For me, depending on conditions, I might decode stations with dB values in the -20s but there is virtually no chance they can hear me.  For example, on FD, propagation was poor and seeing stations with a dB below say -16 or -18 was a waste of display space and more importantly, attention span.  If WSJT-X processes dB value early in the decoding process, the decoder can just ignore them if the dB value is below the filter level.


For small stations with less than a 100 watts and a modest antenna, this would be very helpful.  The hams with $5,000 rigs and an aluminum overcast can turn the filter off or set to something like -30.


You guys are doing an fantastic job and despite all the 'controversy', you are saving ham radio.  On Field Day the noise floor was S9 and the only SSB contact I was able to make was a station I can see out my window and that was with 100 watts.  Using FT8 I have confirmed FD contacts in 20 states, some across the country, and three Canadian provinces.


Stay safe and well.


Thanks always,


73, Terry Dennison


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