Locked FT8, Low output power after software update

Hans-H. Leszke

Hello to all:


I am new in a group and I am German. So please excuse any mistakes in my report.


There is possibly a bug in the software for FT8 which I observed after the installation of wsjtx-2.2.0-win64.exe for the first time. This possible bug appears in all following software versions including the latest one and always in equal manner for 32 and 64 bit.


My working conditions are:

Transceiver IC7600, standard computer with latest Windows10 and up to date drivers. The connection between computer and transceiver is done directly by USB interfaces on both sides. All settings and adjustments were done for the earlier software wsjtx-2.1.2-win32.exe on the computer side and in the transceiver as well.


With these conditions as described above the "Pwr" slider control on the right side of the screen was to be set half way up to gain full output power of my transceiver. Further increase started the ALC.


When I now install an updated software version with still unchanged settings/adjustments on both sides, all functions work correctly and nothing gets lost due to the update. Only the output power of the transceiver is close to zero. By setting the "Pwr" slider control up to full (0 dB) only 70 % of maximum power output can be achieved at the transceiver and there is no ALC indication. (The corresponding setting of the CODEC output on the computer side is already 100 %.)


It seems to me, that the "volume" of the digital sound sent from the program via the USB connection to the transceiver is significantly too low in all versions following wsjtx-2.1.2-win32.exe.


Is there anybody who experienced the same problem and knows a way how to achieve 100 % output power with new software versions, too?


73  Hans





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